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Business planning tools

Writing a Business Plan

A Business Plan is a vital document that will help to steer your organisation. More importantly, it is a working document that will change according to the growth and development of a business.  It also enables a business to assess their strengths and opportunities for future development. Once it's written it can help you to secure funding.

When preparing a business plan you will need to include a substantial amount of information. A business adviser can work hand in hand with you to prepare your business plan. You can be assured that their expertise will complement the knowledge you have about your own business.  To get you thinking along the right lines here are some suggestions.

Areas to be covered when writing a business plan

  • A business summary
  • The products and services you provide
  • Your short-term and long-term objectives
  • Staff and organisational structure
  • What market research or planning you have or will do
  • What legal considerations are there
  • Potential risks involved
  • How you will start and continue to finance the business

If you’d like help to prepare a business plan you can make an appointment to speak with a business adviser - contact us now on Alternatively you might prefer to ring a member of the admin team on 024 7663 3911.

It is very important to define your legal structure.  Whether this means becoming a ‘company limited by guarantee’ or a ‘community interest company’ etc. You need to consider some key questions in order to assess your organisation. 

We can then suggest a suitable legal structure for your organisation from the information you have provided.

Here is a small sample of the kind of questions we ask in order to design the governing document that suits your individual organisational structure.

Examples of areas we would cover

  • Are you an existing social enterprise?
  • What kind of legal status do you want for the organisation?
  • Are you considering incorporation?
  • Are you seeking charitable status?
  • What are the objects and activities of the organisation?
  • Membership and voting procedures
  • Election of management committee and officers

If having looked through this excerpt, you now wish to make an appointment to see a business adviser please e-mail us on or call 024 7663 3911.

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