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Financial Capability

Coventry and Warwickshire CDA understands that people need financial skills to make informed decisions at key points in their lives in order to have a secure future, rather than a desperate struggle for survival. 

We help people, particularly those facing social or financial exclusion, to learn to manage their finances. Our budgeting advisers assist clients with:

  • Money advice
  • Easier access to basic bank accounts
  • Bill budgeting services
  • Access to credit union services
  • Access to reasonably priced credit 

We offer financial capability training to groups or individuals assisting them to manage their money. 

We also train advisers and front-line staff that come into contact with adults who would benefit from money management skills e.g. children’s centre workers, teachers, tenancy support officers, council staff, and benefit advisers.

To find out more about Financial Capability services in your area phone 024 7663 3911 or email

Free and confidential advice

Opening a bank account

Budgeting advice

Low cost loans

Regular savings 

"Facing my financial situation was hard and I couldn't have done it without you, putting everything down on paper really helped. I am now back on track and most importantly keeping in touch with creditors and not missing any payments. I now use a budget sheet and update it regularly, my budget is tight but I am sticking to it and can look forward to eventually being debt free. Thank you."

"I was really worried about my finances, until I made an appointment to see a CDA Budgeting Adviser. Together, we completed a budget sheet and I was able to think about what I was spending and how to cut back on some things. I came in for a loan but after talking it through I realised I did not need to apply for one as, with CDA's help, I was able to arrange a payment plan with the council." 

Evelina, Rugby 

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